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Nautic Marine & Powersports

MB Quart and the Nautic name have been synonymous with having great music in boats and also off-road vehicles. Whether you are outfitting a small fishing boat or an off-road vehicle (designed for flying off dunes and entertaining at the Camp fire) MB Quart offers a wide variety of products that will make your system sound great and be heard over the next hill or into the next cove.


Start with your choice of AM/FM Source Units and Bluetooth controllers. Next, choose from four different solutions for speakers and a line of subwoofers to really feel the music. To power the system there are amplifiers in classic white marine. Also, a line of very small amplifiers perfect for off-road vehicles is available.

One of those speaker choices is our most unique yet. The Point Source Technology, Coincident Mounted Compression Horns are designed to deliver a high amount of SPL while delivering a full range of frequencies. Here is a quick look at all of our categories.

Compression Horn Towers
COMPRESSION HORNS are 30% louder than a standard speaker. The Coincident Mounted Compression horn keeps all energy focused forward, improving the sound pressure, whether you are in a boat at the end of a ski rope or on an UTV with a helmet. Available in 8 inch towers, 6.5 shallow towers and a 6.5 speaker version.

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Wake Tower Speakers
WAKE TOWERS are perfect for a boat or off-road vehicle. Titanium tweeters, UV protected poly cones and a steel reinforced mounting system makes these speakers ready to handle any waves or trails. Available in black and grey 8 inch towers.

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Waterproof Speakers
WATER PROOF SPEAKERS with multiple options for sizes and application. Fully protected against the elements of Dirt and water, MB Quart marine and powersports speakers are available in 8 and 6.5 inch White and Black. Additionally, there is a special model of this speaker in the shallow enclosures.

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Nautic Subwoofers
SUBWOOFERS are ready for shallow installations and deep bass. Every system, regardless of land or sea, will be brought to life with an MB Quart subwoofer. The Nautic marine subs are available in 10” shallow models with illumination.

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Source units
HEAD UNITS are available in several options. Choose from AM/FM Bluetooth™ models with 180 watts built in. Or you can select wired or wireless Bluetooth™ controllers including a unit that is so small it installs in an accessory switch location.

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Marine Amplifiers
MARINE AMPLIFIERS feature the same circuitry as the mobile amplifiers making them both powerful and with incredible sound quality. The NA amplifiers are finished in the classic marine white. Feel confident that the Nautic series amplifiers are designed for the rugged demands of boating. Available in 4, 5 and 6 channel models.

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Powersports Amplifiers
POWER SPORTS AMPLIFIERS are designed with the same strict marine electronics standards set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM International. The NA2 series are much smaller due to their Full Range Class D circuits. All of the NA2 amplifiers are 2 ohms stable.

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MB Quart, founded in 1962, has been designing award winning speakers for home and automotive audio for decades. With the addition of the powersports and marine segments, it is no surprise that our products continue to garner interest and kudos from around the world.




Life Shield

When you see this LIFE SHIELD badge on an MB Quart product, you can rest assured you are choosing a product that has been designed and tested against the elements. Whether it’s waterproof, dust proof, snow proof or shock proof, you will know that this product has been built to handle the outdoors.