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MB Quart brings decades of engineering with audio designed for cars and trucks to the market. We took our depth of technical know-how and audiophile passion and focused it on the marine and off-road applications over the last 20 years. Next step, the RV lifestyle at all levels.

You will see how simple building a system with MB Quart audio components can be for any vehicle.

We have curated some ideal system designs based on vehicle chassis and audio performance expectations. Of course, you can continue to expand the system with our KEY components.
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All MB Quart systems are designed to be easily upgraded and augmented. Whether you choose from the tailored systems above or go completely custom and choose very component, MB Quart RV audio has everything you will need.

Featured below are some of the KEY components for any system. You will see that depending on if your application is interior or exterior you can choose from a wide variety of RV, Mobile, Marine and Off-Road audio components.
Multimedia, Multi-Audio Zone and Gauge Mount Source Units. All units feature internal amplifiers to power a small speaker system while offering connections to power external amplifiers.
RV Audio
Compact, waterproof and standard amplifier options with multiple channels for system configurations. Amplifiers add critical music dynamics to all systems installed in large vehicles regardless of your preferred music style.
RV Audio
Everything hits your ears from the speakers. We have been designing speakers since 1962. MB Quart offers every size from tiny full range to large deep bass subwoofers. From door fitment to outdoor solutions.
RV Audio


RV Audio

  1. GMR-LED Powered Source Unit : 160W Multimedia OFF-ROAD/Marine

    MB Quart 160 Watt Powered OFF-ROAD & Marine Multimedia Source Unit. ⇒ Details & Images
    MSRP: $349.99
    Free Shipping

  2. RVDVD2.0 Digital Source Unit : 160W DVD Multimedia Receiver

    MB Quart RV DVD Source Unit with AM/FM, Weather Band and Bluetooth 4.0 Plus Multi-Zone Audio Control. ⇒ Details & Images
    MSRP: $229.99
    Free Shipping

  3. GMR-3 Powered Source Unit : 180W Waterproof Bluetooth Controller

    180 watt powered Bluetooth AM/FM gauge mount radio with Carbon Fiber look. ⇒ Details & Images
    MSRP: $249.99
    Free Shipping

  4. RVM2.0 Digital Source Unit : 160W Multimedia Receiver

    MB Quart RV In Dash Compact, Mechless Source Unit with AM/FM and Bluetooth 4.0 Plus Multi-Zone Audio Control. ⇒ Details & Images
    MSRP: $149.99
    Free Shipping

  5. MDR2.0 Digital Source Unit : 160W Multimedia Receiver

    MB Quart 160 Watt Multimedia Receiver with AM/FM and Weatherband Radio and Bluetooth Input. ⇒ Details & Images
    MSRP: $149.99

    Out of stock

  6. NF1-116 Nautic Speakers : 6.5in 80W Marine (White)

    MB Quart waterproof Nautic 6.5 Inch marine speakers (white) for boat and installations. ⇒ Details & Images

    Out of stock