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MB Quart Polaris Off-Road Grade Audio
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Large Recreational Trailer

RV Audio
The ingenious engineering of an MB Quart multi zone audio system is that it allows you to have full control of your entertainment for a living room, bedroom or backroom. In this 5th wheel trailer floorplan we have even highlighted an outdoor system which can be operated completely independent from the system inside the trailer.
RV Audio
Indoor System:
RV Audio
RV Audio
4 x NF1-116
Outdoor System:
RV Audio
RV Audio
2 x NF1-116

  • Multi-Zone Audio – Control audio levels in multiple zones in the vehicle. RVM2.0 allows for 2 audio zones.
  • Compact Design – The new source unit was designed specifically for the tight installation restrictions of an RV. The RVM2.0 is very shallow which means it has a very small foot print. This design allows your to put high end audio where you could not fit a full size radio or source unit in the past.
  • Mechless Design – This mechless (no moving parts) unit provides high-tech performance of the audio system with rock solid reliability regardless of the roads you travel.
  • AM/FM/BT4.0 – All the inputs required for entertainment, regardless of where your RV parks on the planet.
  • Bluetooth Connect – Our pairing technology allows the source unit to securely connect Bluetooth enabled devices putting the music right at your fingertips.
  • Quick Pair - No more frustration with trying to pair. When the unit powers up, it immediately connects to the last device connected. For a first time connection, you only have to select "MB Quart" from your Bluetooth menu and you are connected.
  • HDMI Command Center – The RVM2.0 allows quick and simple access to your technology. With the HDMI connector on the front panel, the signal passes through the audio and video processors to the HDMI connector on the rear panel. This means you can connect an iPad, Laptop, Digital camera or other HDMI device to the front and everything shows up on the TV and plays through your audio system including your typical satellite receivers.
  • High Power Amplifier – Built-in 160 watt 4 channel amplifier (4x40 watts) delivers plenty of power for all speakers connected.
  • High Contrast Display – Regardless of full sun or shade the controls for your system are clearly visible.

Large Recreational Trailer

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